The Football Academy was created to promote the development of youth football in Sardinia by strengthening the bond of Cagliari Calcio with the territory. The project, aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old, aims to allow the young players of the island and of some selected areas in the rest of Italy to grow and be better exploited within their own society. For this reason Cagliari shares with its affiliates the best training and training methods, through constant opportunities for confrontation between its staff and the instructors of the affiliated company, invited to participate in the Assemini Sports Center at meetings and seminars - held by coaches and qualified educators - dedicated to the correct psycho-physical development of the young athlete. The project has both a sporting and a social value. On one hand Cagliari wants to be the privileged route for young footballers who aspire to become professionals, on the other it intends to contribute to the growth of the majority of young athletes for whom sport must represent, first of all, an important gym for life.