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Given that:

the Decree of 22 April 2021, n. 52 and subsequent amendments (hereinafter, the "Law Decree"), containing, in art. 5, "Shows open to the public and sporting events", allows the public to participate in events and competitions at a competitive level recognized as being of pre-eminent national interest by the competent authorities of lesser entity. In the white and yellow zones, the shows open to the public in theatrical halls, concert halls, carried out exclusively with pre-assigned seats and on condition that respect for interpersonal distance is ensured in accordance with the regulations in force, both for spectators who are not habitually cohabiting, and for the staff, and that access is allowed only to subjects with one of the COVID-19 green certifications referred to in Article 9, paragraph 2, of the Law Decree, without prejudice to the exclusions provided for by the applicable legislation;

Cagliari Calcio S.p.A. has prepared a plan concerning the "EPIDEMIOLOGIC RISK CONTAINMENT MEASURES FOR THE OPEN DOOR ORGANIZATION OF FOOTBALL MATCHES AT THE UNIPOL DOMUS STADIUM", which contains the risk assessments related to the spread of the Sars virus Cov-2, the prevention and anti-contagion protection measures, as well as the obligations, prohibitions and mandatory prescriptions for spectators;

it is therefore necessary to adopt a new version of the Regulations for the use of the UNIPOL DOMUS stadium in relation to the disputes of competitions in "open doors with reduced capacity of the facility".

Having said this, Cagliari Calcio S.p.A. adopts the following Regulations for the use of the UNIPOL DOMUS stadium.

Pursuant to these "Regulations for the use of the UNIPOL DOMUS Facility", the company Cagliari Calcio S.p.A. (hereinafter, also "Cagliari Calcio" or the "Club") and Facility means all areas pertaining to the Sardegna Arena stadium, located in Cagliari, including the external reserved area.

The purchase of the access ticket for the matches of the Club, as well as the access and stay in the Facility during the event, imply the acceptance by the user of these Regulations for use of the Facility, of the Regulatory Code for the transfer of admission tickets to football matches and of all the rules/regulations issued by the public security authority and sports authorities, including FIFA, UEFA and the Football League.

The compliance with these Regulations, the Regulatory Code for the sale of access tickets to football matches and all the rules / provisions referred to above is an obligatory condition for the access and permanence of spectators inside the Facility and the any non-compliance will determine the right of the Club to withdraw and / or block and / or deactivate and / or revoke and / or cancel the spectator's admission tickets, as well as the right to remove the offender from the Facility and apply the pecuniary administrative fine from 100 to 500 euros.

If the offender is already sanctioned in the same sports season, even in a different facility for the same violation of the respective regulations of use, the sanction can be increased up to half of the maximum and it can be imposed a ban on access to the games.

To access the Sports Facility, in addition to the access ticket or the service pass, a valid identity document is required, to be shown at the request of the stewards, to verify the correspondence between the holder of the access ticket or pass service and the owner of the same. The verification, by the staff, of the identity of each user who intends to enter the Sports Facility remains unaffected, who must show the access ticket or the service pass and a valid identity document. If the recognition operations are difficult due to the mask, the workers of the Club may ask the user to move away 2 meters and temporarily remove the dpi to allow recognition.

Before accessing the Facility, the body temperature of the user must be measure via a remote thermoscanner. Cagliari Calcio reserves the right to deny access and / or expel the user on whom a body temperature higher than 37.5 ° C and / or symptoms similar to that of Covid-19 infection are detected (by way of example , sore throat, breathing difficulties, loss of taste and smell, joint pain, etc.). In addition, access to the Facility is forbidden for anyone who has been in contact, in the 14 days prior to the competition, with people infected with Sars-Cov-2, to anyone who, in the same period, has been subjected to the measure of quarantine and to those who lives with people infected with Covid-19 with whom they have had close contacts in the last 14 days.

Access and stay inside the Facility are subject to the signing of an anamnestic self-declaration of one's state of health, provided by Cagliari Calcio. In case of refusal to sign the self-declaration by the user, access to the facility will not be allowed.

For access and stay inside the Facility, the use of surgical ("disposable" or fabric) or FFP2 type nose-mouth masks, without exhalation valve, is mandatory.

Any person wishing to access the Facility may be subjected to security checks with the visual inspection technique (security checks carried out by pat-down are not allowed, as they are in contrast with the provisions on social distancing; however, if, for safety reasons, it is necessary to proceed with a control by means of a pat-down, this can be carried out by means of the intervention of the police forces).

Any suspected episodes of Covid-19 will be reported to the health manager present at the G.O.S. (Safety Operating Group), and to the local health authority.

Within the Facility, the user has the duty to occupy the place assigned to him and to constantly maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter from other subjects.

For the purposes of accessing the Facility, he may be subject to visual checks on bags or other objects carried in tow, by the stewards, to which he must submit; these checks, aimed at avoiding the introduction of illegal, forbidden and / or dangerous materials or materials likely to induce or provoke acts of violence, may also be carried out with the use of metal detectors.

Inside the Facility, it is required to follow the instructions provided by the stewards: if requested, people must show the objects contained in the pockets of clothing and inside bags and backpacks. Refusal to security checks constitutes a violation of these Regulations for use of the Sardegna Arena stadium and involves a ban on access to the Facility, in addition to a request to the Police to carry out the check.

He must keep and show - where requested by the persons in charge of the Club - the access ticket or the service pass until the end of the match and exit from the Facility.

Inside the Facility it is forbidden:

- Leave the place assigned by the admission ticket or the service pass to create gatherings in the stands.

- Remove the nose-mouth mask.

- Express any form of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination, or other manifestations of intolerance with choirs or display of writings; threatening, violent, or abusive language is forbidden.

- Stopping near passages, exits, entrances, along the access routes, escape routes and any other escape route before, during and after the end of the match without justified reason.

- Climb on the structures of the facility, climb over gates, balustrades and barriers of all kinds.

- Damage or tamper with the structures, infrastructures and services of the Facility in any way.

- Introduce or possess poisons, harmful substances, narcotic substances, spray cans of any type.

- Introduce or possess flammable material, explosive material, pyrotechnic material, smoke bombs, flares, fireworks or firecrackers.

- Introduce firearms, or knives or other cutting objects and any instrument capable of offending.

- Introduce systems for the emission of light rays (laser pointers).

- Introduce equipment in the areas of the stands that could occupy spaces not specifically used or compromise the exit of people.

- Display signs, horizontal banners, weather vanes, documents, drawings, printed material and banners that hinder visibility to other fans and that have not been explicitly authorized by the G.O.S.

- Organize unauthorized or different choreographies from those authorized by the G.O.S. at the request of the Club.

- Access and stay inside the Facility under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances or in a state of alcoholic drunkenness.

- It is forbidden to bring animals of any kind and species into the Facility.

- Introduce drones or other remotely piloted flying devices.

 - Carry out any kind of commercial activity that has not been previously authorized.

Inside the Facility it is allowed to introduce flags with a maximum size of 150 cm x 100 cm, bearing only the colors and / or the frieze of the teams on the field, with a shaft in plastic, flexible, hollow and inspectable, with a maximum length of 125 cm and a maximum diameter of 2 cm. Flags with the characteristics described above may be introduced inside the stadium as long as they are strictly at least 30 minutes before the start of the match so that they are inspected in advance by the security staff. Flags with different characteristics from those described above must be authorized in advance by the G.O.S.

The Club, in compliance with the laws governing access to sports facilities, will not be able to issue access tickets or service passes if for any rules and / or provisions of the public safety authority and / or provisions of sports justice is not possible, as well as against those who are subjected to DASPO measures or other measures of the public safety authority.

By purchasing the access ticket or receiving the service pass, the user, under his own responsibility, declares to have read and accepted these Regulations for use of the UNIPOL DOMUS Facility.

Cagliari Calcio is not responsible for any loss, accidents or damage to persons or property inside the Facility.

It should be noted that the UNIPOL DOMUS Facility is controlled by an internal and external audio-video recording system, the data of which are processed in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 and by the DM 06/06/2005. The processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the law. The data processor is the operator of the CCTV system whose name is in the records of the G.O.S.

We remind that constitute a crime the misrepresentation, possession of one's own and improper weapons, the display of symbols that spread discrimination or violence for racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons, incitement to violence in the course of competitive competitions, the possession, throwing and use of dangerous items and pyrotechnic devices, the bypassing of separators and the invasion of the field.

Anyone wishing to display banners praising a team at the match must request formal authorization from the Club within seven days prior to the match; this request may be authorized by the G.O.S. as envisaged and ordered by resolution no. 14/2007 of 8 March 2007 of the National Observatory of Sporting Events of the Ministry of the Interior.

Cagliari Calcio reserves the right to expel from the Sports Facility anyone who does not comply with the Regulations for use of the UNIPOL DOMUS Stadium and / or the Regulatory Code for the transfer of admission tickets, as well as the right to refuse entry to the Facility to the offender also on the occasion of subsequent events, regardless of any access prohibitions imposed by the Authorities.

Cagliari Calcio reserves the right to modify these Regulations for the use of the UNIPOL DOMUS Facility at any time with immediate effect, even for those who have already purchased the admission ticket, also as a result of legislative, administrative and / or public security.

Requests for press passes for Unipol Domus home games must be sent to no later than four days before the game. Press passes will be issued only to professional journalists and publicists in possession of a regular Journalists Association membership card.

The press card application, which must be sent on letterhead and bear the signature of the head of the newspaper, must be completed by the following documents of the accredited journalist:

- Photocopy of identity document

- Photocopy of the Journalist Association card bearing the stamp of the year 2023

The publication of reference must be registered with the competent court and the registration number duly indicated in the application.

The request for accreditation, which must be sent on letterhead and bear the signature of the head of the newspaper, must be accompanied by the following documents:

- Photocopy of the identity document of the accredited journalist and the operator, if any

- Photocopy of the Journalists Association membership card bearing the stamp for the year 2023

- Copy of the authorization from the Lega Serie A for the 2023/24 season.

The publication of reference must be registered with the competent court and the registration number must be duly indicated in the application.

The request for accreditation, which must be sent on letterhead and bear the signature of the agency director, must be accompanied by the following documents:

- Photocopy of the identity document of the accredited photographer

- Photocopy of the membership card of the Order of Journalists bearing the stamp of the year 2023

- Copy of the authorization from the Lega Serie A for the 2023/24 season.


The Press Office will notify, via e-mail to the address used for the request, only if the accreditation is not available. Press passes can be picked up at the "press accreditation" ticket office at Domus Unipol (central grandstand, south side) starting 3 hours before the game.

For more information:

Requests for AIA accreditation for home matches in the Series A and Coppa Italia championship must be received directly by the Regional Committee of Arbitrators of Sardinia no later than 7.00 pm on the Wednesday preceding the match in question. Credits can be collected in the special box of the Sardegna Arena. For more information, contact the C.R.A. Sardinia to the email address: