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The tickets can be purchased at:

• Cagliari 1920 Store - piazza L'Unione Sarda (Monday-Friday, 10-20 / Saturday, 10-13)

• online, by sending a request to csr@cagliaricalcio.com (up to 4 days before the match)


100% motor disabled spectators can purchase tickets at the price of € 9 + € 1 for the accompanier.

Due to safety and accessibility, specific seats are reserved within the facility, suitable for the circulation of wheelchairs and persons with impaired mobility, in the Distinti and Curva Sud sectors.

The access for the Distinti Disabili sector is located in Via Raspi. The access for the Curva Sud reserved places to motor disability persons is located between Via Raspi and Curva Sud.



In order to purchase tickets at the Cagliari 1920 Store in Piazza L'Unione Sarda (Monday-Friday, 10-20 / Saturday, 10-13) it is necessary to submit:

• CERTIFICATE OF INVALIDITY (certifying non-walking)


• IDENTITY CARD (accompanier)


In case of online purchase, it is necessary to send (attached with the purchase request) to the address csr@cagliaricalcio.com:

• CERTIFICATE OF INVALIDITY (certifying non-walking)


• IDENTITY CARD (accompanier)

• TICKET REQUEST FORM (click here to download it)

• TICKET REQUEST FORM (accompanier person) [click here to download it]

Also in case of online purchase, it is necessary to read:


• REGULATORY CODE FOR THE TRANSFER OF ACCESS TICKETS (available in the dedicated section below)


Spectators with a degree of disability greater than 75% can purchase tickets at a reduced price compared to the full ticket, in all sectors of the stadium, except for Distinti Laterali, Curva Nord and Curva Sud.

The purchase can be made at the Cagliari 1920 Store in Piazza L'Unione Sarda, presenting the certificate of disability and an identity card.

Visiting the Tickets section, you will find the price table with all the information on rates and sectors for every match.


You can find the parking area close to the Sant'Elia Stadium, Curva Sud side (parallel to Viale Ferrara). Click here for Google Maps.


Via Manzoni, 40 (Tel. 079-980485)


Via Paoli, 41 (Tel. 070-499008)

Via Curie, 27 (Tel. 070-345014)

Via della Pineta, 207/B (Tel. 070-308316)

Via Riva Villasanta, 231-233 (Tel. 070-553718)


Via Catania, 13 (Tel. 0781-665063)


Corso Repubblica, 57 (Tel. 0781-70875)


Viale Aldo Moro, 359 (Tel. 0789-51580)


via Brunelleschi, 12 (Tel. 0783-299103, 0783-216569)


Via della Repubblica, 21 (Tel. 0784-202778)

Via Trieste, 23 (Tel. 0784-38276)

Quartu Sant'Elena

Via Is Arenas, 22 (Tel. 070-826735)

San Nicolò d'Arcidano

Viale Repubblica, 67/A (Tel. 0783-88055)


Via Argiolas, 8 (Tel. 0781-955767)


via Umberto, 17 (Tel. 0782-622181)


Via San Gavino, 3 (Tel. 070-9316459)


This procedure allows the holder of a digital ticket (subscription and/or ticket) to transfer his/her ownership to another user, as long as he/she is the holder of an equal digital ticket (Passione Casteddu card).

The digital subscription can be done for a single match, or for the whole season, but in this last case, it cannot be only for one match. So, we recommend your utmost attention while doing the operation.

In order to make the change, you must enter the codes (identification and security) of both “Passione Casteddu” cards. So, the new user will be enabled to attend the event using only his/her Passione Casteddu card.

The new owner must show his/her Passione Casteddu card at the gates of the stadium as well as the receipt of the change, that has to be printed once the procedure on the Listicket website has been completed.

We remember that the change is only digital, therefore each of the two holders keep their respective “Passione Casteddu” card. The new user will not be able to change the card: if he/her decides not to use the digital ticket, he/she will only have the possibility to return it to the original holder. In order to have confirmation of the change, we recommend to always print the placeholder.

Tickets can only be transferred if they both are included in the same category:

The "full" rate tickets can be sold without any age or category limitation.

The "reduced" rate tickets (Under 18 - Over 65 - Women - Disabled) can be sold to people belonging to the same reduction categories.

The service can be inhibited as a result of public order or for particular categories of securities.


This procedure allows the current user of a paper ticket to assign his/her ticket to another user, indicating his/her personal data. From that moment on, the new user will be enabled to attend the event.

The new holder must show the ticket at the gates of the Stadium as well as the receipt of the change of ownership, to be printed once the procedure on the Listicket website has been completed.

Tickets can only be transferred if they both are included in the same category:

The "full" rate tickets can be sold without any age or category limitation.

The "reduced" rate tickets (Under 18 - Over 65 - Women - Disabled) can be sold to people belonging to the same reduction categories.

The function can be inhibited as a result of public order or for particular categories of securities.

This process allows the user of a digital ticket to print the placeholder relating to the ticket. The placeholder contains, as a reminder, all the informations that identify the single game or the season ticket with the relative rate and assigned place, but entering the stadium is not allowed: in fact, access is allowed only through the optical reading of the Passione Casteddu card associated to the valdi ticket.

To print the placeholder, enter the identification and security codes of the card and complete the procedure.

This process allows the subsequent user of a digital ticket to return it to the original holder. This is because the subsequent user of a digital ticket cannot transfer the title to anyone other than the original owner.

The function can be inhibited due to public order.

It is necessary to indicate the "Card Number" and the "Security Code / Personal Code".

The security code is the one shown on the card.


Cagliari Calcio (also the “Club”) and its fans reject any kind of violence, discrimination and racism, as well as behaviours that conflict with the principles of fairness and honesty.

The Regulatory Code for the sale of tickets to football events ("Regulatory Code") summarizes the ethical and behavioural principles which are recognized as fundamental and that the Cagliari fans and, in general, all those who access, for any reason (also free of charge), at sporting events organized by the Club at the "Sardegna Arena" in Cagliari ("Sardegna Arena"), including the supporters of the opposing teams (hereinafter, collectively, the "Recipients"), are required to accept and respect.

This Regulatory Code constitutes fulfilment of the prescription referred to in art. 12 paragraph 10 of the Sporting Justice Code of F.I.G.C. (as amended by the Official Notice of the F.I.G.C.n.15 of 7 March 2018).

The Regulatory Code is integrated with the Regulations for use of the Sardegna Arena stadium ("Sardegna Arena Regulations"), available at the link https://www.cagliaricalcio.com/biglietteria/sardegna-arena; throough that, Cagliari Calcio wants to share with the Recipients the events that will be undertaken by the Company against anyone who violates the provisions of this Regulatory Code or should behave in a manner which, in any case, may harm the image and / or reputation of the Club.

The purchase of a ticket or a season ticket for Cagliari Calcio home matches (hereinafter, collectively, "Tickets"), as well as the issuance of the PASSIONE CASTEDDU Card or access, even free of charge, to the Sardegna Arena, are subjected to the acceptance of the Regulation Code and the Sardegna Arena Regulations valid at the time.

Regardless of the place of the forbidden behaviour, the sanctioning measures referred to in point 4 of this Regulation Code are applied only in relation to attending the matches played by the Club at the Sardegna Arena, with the consequent exclusion of away matches.

This Regulatory Code applies not only to conduct occurring after the issuance of the Access Tickets or loyalty programs, but also to those behaviours held prior to the issuance of the Access Tickets.

This document has been approved by the management of the Company which undertake to guarantee its disclosure to the Recipients, also by publishing it, in the version in force from time to time, on the website www.cagliaricalcio.com and at the Sardegna Arena.

1. Rules of behaviour

The behaviours listed below must be considered punishable by the laws and regulations in force, as well as according to the provisions set out in point 4 below.

A. Refuse of all forms of violence and discrimination

Cagliari Calcio refuses any form of violence against people and things, as well as any form of insult, offense or discrimination, including, for instance, those for reasons of sex, race, nationality, territorial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, state of health, religion, political views.

In this regard, it is forbidden:

- externalize any form of racial, ethnic, religious discrimination or other manifestations of intolerance with choirs or display of writings; threatening, violent or abusive language is also prohibited.

- chants and use expressions praising violence or discrimination for any reason.

- chants and use expressions that are offense or insult, even in not direct form.

- introduce and / or display banners, signs, banners, weather vanes, documents, drawings, printed or written material, flags, which, alone or in combination with each other, may constitute, for any reason and even indirectly, an expression of violence, discrimination, offense, insult.

- use any form of physical or psychological violence against other fans, service workers and law enforcement agencies, in particular any conduct that can possibly generate or fuel clashes, scuffles, fights, etc. is condemned.

B. Fair Play

Cagliari Calcio recognizes the principles of Fair Play as fundamental in sporting activities.

Therefore, the Recipients must refrain from behaviours that conflict with the spirit of sporting loyalty, as it is forbidden:

- Carry out direct or potential acts which can altering the behaviour of competitions (for example, invasion of the field or throwing of objects);

- Offer, even indirectly or through a third party, money or other benefits to managers or members of the Club or other companies, in order to falsify the result of a match;

- Induce (even with violence or threat) managers or members, even indirectly or through a third party, to falsify the result of a match;

- Request money or other undue benefits, even indirectly or through a third party, managers or members of the Club or other companies in order to obtain undue benefits.

C. Fairness and honesty

The Club encourages the Cagliari fans to show their support for the Club, according with the regulations relating to banners and choreographies (available at the link https://www.cagliaricalcio.com/biglietteria/sardegna-arena).

Considering the need to ensure the regular running of sporting events inside the Sardegna Arena with the right atmosphere and protecting the image and reputation of the club, Recipients are prohibited from:

- Stopping near passages, exits, entrances and any other escape route before, during and after the end of the meeting without justified reason.

- Climbing on the structures of the Sardegna Arena, climbing over gates, balustrades and barriers of all kinds.

- Damaging, deteriorating, dirtying or tampering with the structures, infrastructures and services of the Sardegna Arena in any way.

- Bringing in or possessing poisons, harmful substances, soiling material and narcotic substances.

- Bringing in or possessing firing material, explosive material, pyrotechnic material, smoke bombs, flares, fireworks or firecrackers.

- Bringing in firearms, or knives or other cutting objects and any instrument that can be used to harm.

- Bringing in bulky luggage, pointed umbrellas, stones, marbles, bottles or glass or aluminum containers, and any other object that could cause damage if thrown. It is forbidden for spectators to introduce PET bottles of any size, even without a cap. Drinks must be poured into paper or plastic cups before entering.

- Bringing in systems for the emission of light rays (laser pointers).

- Bringing in strollers, child seats or equipment in the areas of the stands that could occupy spaces not specifically used or compromise the exit of spectators.

- Bringing in cameras with reflex lenses and large and medium-sized binoculars; it is also not allowed (except for authorized persons) to use equipment that can record and transmit, in digital or on any other medium, audio, video, and information or data relating to the event to be held within the Sardinia Area. The copyright for unauthorized broadcasts or recordings is due, according to the law, to the Company.

- Bringing in or selling alcoholic beverages of a strength higher than 5 °, except for authorizations in derogation for particular areas issued by the competent authority, subject to the favorable opinion of the Quaestor.

- Carrying out any type of commercial activity that has not been previously authorized.

- Occupying a different seat in the Sardegna Arena than the one assigned by the access ticket, unless expressly authorized by the Company with the authorization of the competent authorities.

- Entering the Sardegna Arena without valid Access Ticket and / or with Access Ticket on which a name that does not correspond to your identity is indicated.

- Carrying out activities of touting, selling or buying Access Tickets through unofficial channels or platforms.

- Displaying signs, horizontal banners, weather vanes, documents, drawings, printed material and banners that obstruct visibility to other fans and that have not been explicitly authorized by the G.O.S.

- Organizing unauthorized choreographies or choreographies different from those authorized by the Operational Group for Safety (GOS) at the request of the Company.

- Accessing and staying inside the Sardegna Arena with the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances or in a state of alcoholic drunkenness. Introduce animals into the Sardinia Arena.

- Subtracting any type of property (including, by way of example and not limited to, clothing and / or sports equipment, and not, of any kind, relics exhibited in the "Cagliari 1920 History and Gallery" museum) from the Sardegna Arena and from the areas pertaining to it, including the external reserved area, as well as the areas used for car parking.

- Any violent, offensive, derogatory, threatening behavior, even perpetrated through the use of social media.

- Disseminate, without authorization, images deemed to be harmful to radio and television rights and data for the purpose of betting.

D. Access Titles

The Recipients are required to adapt to the safety and control measures established by the Public Authority and/or by the Company for reasons of public order and, to this end, they must respect the figure of the steward present in the sports facility and follow the instructions and / or o requests both during the entry and outflow phases, and during the entire course of the sporting event.

Recipients are also required to comply with the rules regarding:

- any non-transferability of the Tickets to the Sardegna Arena, without prejudice to the provisions of the Club;

- any ban on the introduction of dangerous materials and objects;

- the placement of visiting supporters exclusively within the sector dedicated to them;

- the adoption of restrictions for access to sports facilities for Cagliari Calcio fans.

2. The Supporter Liaison Officer

In order to ensure an collaborative, direct and constructive dialogue between the Club and the supporters, providing the latter with an immediate point of reference, Cagliari Calcio has appointed a manager for relations with the supporters or Supporter Liaison Officer ("SLO") . Fans will be able to discuss with the SLO for any problems, information and initiatives related to participation in sports competitions, by writing to slo@cagliaricalcio.com.

3. Verification of violations

The Company, in order to identify the author of the violation of this Regulatory Code, may make use of any useful element that represents the occurrence of the facts in a certain, transparent and objective way, including:

- The images of the video surveillance system;

- The direct perception of the steward staff on duty, the members of the SLO office and/or the Security Officer and/or his Deputy;

- The direct perception of Cagliari Calcio staff, for whatever reason;

- Information from the Judicial Police;

- Any other objective element.

4. Sanctioning Measures

Cagliari Calcio is committed to ensuring that the Cagliari fans and, in general, all those who intend to participate in the Cagliari matches can enjoy the football show in a safe environment suitable for all types of spectators, with particular attention to the needs of the families and children.

For this reason, in accordance with the provisions of art. 12 of the Code of Sports Justice of the F.I.G.C. (as amended by the Official Notice of the F.I.G.C.n.15 of 7 March 2018), the violation of the principles and rules of conduct indicated in this Regulatory Code and in the Sardegna Arena Regulations will be subject to specific provisions and sanctions by the Company.

In case of violation of this Regulation Code and/or of the Sardegna Arena Regulation, Cagliari Calcio has the right to exercise at any time, even jointly and without this entailing claim of an indemnity and/or compensation nature against the Company, the unquestionable right to adopt the following sanctioning measures:

- Written warning;

- Removal from the sports facility even during the match, in compliance with the legal limits;

- Suspension of the Admission Passes for one or more matches or for a defined period of time, withholding the fees paid for the unused matches as a penalty;

- Suspension of the subscription, withholding the fees paid for unused matches as a penalty;

- Refusal to contract, in relation to the purchase of one or more tickets for one or more matches or for a specific period of time and/or in relation to the purchase of a season ticket for one or more subsequent seasons;

- Impossibility of being the recipient of the sale of the Access Tickets.

The assessment of the seriousness of the conduct of the Recipients is evaluated by the Club, which will take due account of:

- The intentionality of the behaviour or the seriousness of negligence, imprudence or inexperience with regard also to the predictability of the event, if it’s verifiable;

- The seriousness of the damage or the danger of damage caused;

- The commission of violations of the same type in the previous three years;

- Any remedial attitudes put in place by the offender in the immediacy of the violation.

It is clear that, even in the event of application of one of the aforementioned sanctioning measures to the Recipients, the additional profiles of relevance of the violations pursuant to current legislation remain valid, as well as the measures and sanctions that may be adopted by the Public Authority.

It is possible to apply the aforementioned sanctions also to minors, as long as they have reached the age of fourteen.

5. Sanctioning procedure

The interested persons will be informed about the contestation of the conduct, with a description of the violation of the regulatory code, by means of a communication sent by e-mail, certified e-mail or registered mail, to the address of the residence indicated to the Club at the time of issuing the Securities of Access or resulting from public registers.

The interested persons will have the right to submit their observations and/or justifications to the Club within 5 (five) days of receipt of the dispute, for the purpose of an assessment by the Club pursuant to the previous point 4.

Without prejudice to the right of the Club to take precautionary measures for the preventive suspension of the Admission Passes and/or refusal to contract already at the time of sending the complaint, within 10 (ten) days from the dispatch of the complaint, the Club will take the sanctions to be applied to transgressors, together with the relative effective date, informing the interested parties according to the procedures set out in the first paragraph of this article.

6. Changes

The Club reserves the right to modify this Regulatory Code at any time with immediate effect, even for those who have already purchased Access Tickets, even in the event of legislative changes and/or provisions by the Public Authority. The communications relating to the changes are made known through the website www.cagliaricalcio.com or by communication via e-mail, sending an SMS message with an invitation to consult the changes on the website or otherwise in writing.