U19, victory against Bologna

U19, victory against Bologna

After overcoming Ascoli in the Coppa Italia, the Rossoblù Primavera dives back into the Championship. In Asseminello against Bologna, coach Pisacane's boys won 1-0 thanks to Pulina's goal in the second half. 

liev as goalkeeper; four-man defense with Arba and Idrissi on the outsides, the center backs are Cogoni and Catena. In midfield Sulev, Marcolini and Conti; forward Pulina behind Konate and Vinciguerra. The first half is characterized by strong balance: a tactical match. The match thus flows without particular cues, and 0-0 is the most logical result. Right in the final comes the first chance: it is Bologna to make itself dangerous with a great right-footer from inside the area by Menegazzo. Careful Iliev, good at repelling the conclusion from a close position.  

Cagliari's response was not long in coming and arrived immediately at the start of the second half: Vinciguerra ran deep and slipped between the two central defenders, won a rebound and came face-to-face in front of Bagnolini: the striker's shot, however, was wide and went off at the back. In the 10th minute, the first Rossoblù changes: Balde and Achour enter in place of Conti and Konate. In the 13th minute guests are insidious with Baroncini: shot from outside the box is angled, Iliev reaches out and deflects for a corner. In the 22nd minute, space for Caddeo for Sulev. The episode that changes the face of the match comes in the 34th minute: Achour launched by Arba flies to the right and serves Pulina. All the striker has to do is to lean into the goal: it's 1-0. Malfitano and Ardau come in for Balde (already booked) and Pulina. The match ends without further gasps: for the Rossoblù of coach Pisacane three precious points.


CAGLIARI: Iliev; Arba, Cogoni, Catena, Idrissi; Sulev (22’ s.h. Caddeo), Conti (10’ s.h. Balde; 44’ s.h. Malfitano), Marcolini; Pulina (44’ s.h. Ardau), Konate (10’ s.h. Achour), Vinciguerra. At disp. : Wodzicky, Pintus, Kingstone, Franke, Pasquale, Casali. Coach Pisacane

BOLOGNA: Bagnolini; Carretti (39’ s.h. Amey), Svoboda, Mercier, Baroncioni; Hodzic (39’ s.h. Ravagnoli), Rossetti, Menegazzo (46’ s.h. Busato), Byar, Mangiameli, Mukelenge (1’ s.h. Cesari). At disp.: Pessina, Barra, Idaro, Schiavoni, Lai, Nesi, Tonin. Coach Vigiani

REFEREE: Gavini from Aprilia

GOAL: Al 34’ s.h. Pulina