U19, on to the next round

U19, on to the next round

Cagliari Primavera overcame Ascoli and advanced to the next round of Coppa Italia, prevailing in overtime over the Marche players in the heatwave of Assemini.

Pisacane opts to use many hitherto less committed youngsters, with Achour and Konate up front and Ardau in support. In defense Franke and Pintus with Casali and Mellino on either side, in front of Wodzicki. In the middle Caddeo with Conti and Malfitano. 

Little happens at the start, with the mid-summer heat not inviting excessive pace. Cagliari commands operations and at 8' tries with Caddeo from long distance. In the 12th minute, Achour unlocks the situation, who deflects in a dirty way from inside the area Konate's suggestion. Ascoli reacted with Tarantino being cautioned for simulation in the penalty area in the 17th minute, then in the 31st minute he escaped on a counterattack and his diagonal shot was parried to the ground by Wodzicki. In the final half Ardau also tried, which was closed off in the corner. 

The Marches pushed early in the second half looking for an equalizer, with the red and blue assaulting the Bianconeri area a couple of times without getting a shot off. But in the 58th minute, after moments earlier Tarantino had required Wodzicki to make a great save on a free kick, there Cozzoli turned in the 1-1 on a corner from the left. 

Pisacane drew from the bench by inserting Sulev, Pulina, earlier also Balde and Collu, but no gasps came. The final is all Cagliari, with Pulina twice warming Amato's gloves after personal dribbling actions. Vinciguerra also entered for the final assault but the result did not change.

Immediately penalty kick for a foul on Vinciguerra and Pulina from the penalty spot does not miss. At 108' Konate at the second post breaks through and makes it 3-1. At 117' Collu with the tap-in for the 4-1 that determines the final score.