U19, first victory

U19, first victory

Beautiful and well-deserved victory for the Rossoblù Primavera, which overcame Fiorentina 1-0 in Assemini grabbing its first win (4 points in 4 matches) of the season. Vinciguerra decided in the second half, after a match that saw a hard-fought first half with chances for both teams and a red-blue second half. 

Without the injured Deriu, Pisacane chose Vinciguerra and Kingstone up front with Carboni in support. In the middle, Conti with Sulev and Marcolini on either side. In defense, in front of Iliev, are Arba and Idrissi with Cogoni (starting debut) and Mutandwa.

Immediately in the 3rd minute Kingstone takes off well but cannot find the goal. In the 20th minute again the Zambian finds Vannucchi alert on the shot from outside the box. In the 22nd minute it is Catena who frames it just wide. First Fiorentina’s ring in the 24th minute, with Harder committing Iliev, then in the 26th minute Carboni is forced out due to muscle discomfort (in Pulina). Fiorentina dangerous in the 29' with Braschi, who with his shot sends the diagonal over the post. Closing the half it is Vitolo who sends out by a whisker.  

The second half is all Cagliari's: Kingstone high in the 47th minute, but in the 49th Vinciguerra sprints to the best, dribbles past the goalkeeper and deposits the winning goal. Again Kingstone high in the 58th minute, then stopped in the 68th minute by a great Vannucchi. Achour tried twice, with no luck, and Fiorentina could only push on in a sterile way without ever bothering Iliev.


Coach Fabio Pisacane speaks this way at the end of the 1-0 win against Fiorentina:

"The team's response today was excellent and I had no doubts about that. We hoped to get our first win as soon as possible and coming out victorious allows us to work in the best possible way ahead of our upcoming commitments. Also, it's good for both morale and for the boys".

"Matches should all be prepared with the utmost attention and tranquility, in Bergamo, however, there were mistakes made but today we restarted from those mistakes and the boys did everything we prepared during the week. Attention, calmness and doing in a simple way what we had prepared allowed us to have a very good match".

"I have a roster full of good guys and because of that I have to be good at managing all the resources at my disposal. Today they had their chance and Conti and Cogoni took advantage of it. They are exemplary boys, very reliable and always available, and I am happy for them. To remember that they are two boys from the class of 2006, so they should be waited on and helped by also allowing them to make mistakes. The same goes for Marcolini, we know what kind of player he is so we are not surprised, we expect a lot from him".




Goal: 49' Vinciguerra (C)
Cagliari: Iliev, Arba, Catena, Cogoni, Idrissi, Conti (57' Balde), Marcolini, Carboni (27' Pulina), Sulev (69' Caddeo), Mutandwa, Vinciguerra (69' Achour). At disp: Wodzicky, Pintus, Malfitano, Franke, Pasquale, Konate, Casali. Coach: Pisacane.
Fiorentina: Vannucchi, Vigiani, Baroncelli (46' Romani), Biagetti, Scuderi (53' Fortini), Harder, Ievoli (53' Rubino), Vitolo, Caprini, Braschi (76' Sene), Falconi (67' Danes). At disp: Tognetti, Maggini, Elia, Guidobaldi, Mignani, Padilla. Coach: Galloppa.
Booked: Pulina (C), Conti (C), Iliev (C), Caprini (F), Falconi (F).
Referee: Mr. Ubaldi (Roma).