Youth Sector presentation

Youth Sector presentation

Cagliari Calcio presented in Asseminello the teams and the staff of the male division of the Youth Sector. The event took place on the “Carlo Enrico Giulini” stand and more than 150 people from the 6 teams (from the U13 to U18) participated. The Head of the Youth Sector Bernardo Mereu with the Sports Director of the Youth Sector presented the teams. Roberto Muzzi  e Oscar Erriu, two key figures for the Youth Sector, were present too. Sports Director Nereo Bonato and the Coach of the first team Claudio Ranieri spoke during the event. Note of merit for youngsters Simone Renna (U18), Nicola Grandu (U17) and Daniele Filigheddu (U16) who were awarded a scholarship for the academic result of the last year. 

Bernardo Mereu’s initial opening was important, bringing the message of closeness and support of President Tommaso Giulini: “Cagliari Calcio give to his young players the opportunity to his players to seek the excellence both on and off the field, achieving good scholastic results and having the goal of forming themselves as people and not only as players. The activity of our young people stems from the Club and the commitment of those people who are seen less, such as warehousemen, sports secretaries and the entire medical area, alongside the athletes and the technical and managerial staffs; human and professional resources that are fundamental to enhance and concretize the Company's philosophy focused on the future."

Youth Sector Sporting Director Pierluigi Carta awarded the three boys for their academic performance. "You have to represent Cagliari not only on the field but also off it: every day you are a player, in all attitudes, that's why it takes responsibility and passion to aspire to the maximum. To all the boys and staff, we all wish the best of luck for the season."

Coach Ranieri outlined the values that have helped him in his football experience, first as a player and then as a coach at the highest level: "Both in the youth sector and as a professional, I never gave up and on the field I used to give everything, always trying to do what my coach asked me to do: it is a simple secret but the most important one. You have to give everything all the time and never give up, if you do that you will have no regrets, but above all you have to be positive because only in this way can that bit of luck come to you. You have to give everything in school, not everyone will make it to the top, so you have to be ready to build a future."

Thus Sports Director Nereo Bonato: "Our family is large and I like to think that it can be a year of all-around growth. You win and lose all together, as a team, only in this way will you become stronger. You have the honor and the burden of wearing a glorious jersey, you do not represent one city but an entire people, so you must always carry with you the values of our fans, of the Sardinians, starting with fairness and respect for the rules in every sphere to then achieve short and long term sports results."