This is how Claudio Ranieri introduces Juventus v Cagliari, two days away from the Bianconeri's home match, with the aim of continuing the positive streak that has lasted for three games.

"We know the strength of Juventus, they concede very few goals, but we go there to play them. The matches last ninety minutes and more, we'll try to score points, the Bianconeri face each other with their same determination, they're good at covering and breaking away with continuity, I congratulate Allegri: we're talking about a great coach, who has won a lot and studies the opponent well. With us they will try to score immediately and then manage the match. We are prepared”.

"We have to be focused throughout the match, never giving the opponent chances. Then if they are good and come up with great plays we will congratulate them, but we will have to be good not to make mistakes and take advantage of the chances that we manage to create for ourselves, or that they give us”. 

"We have never felt any particular negativity, the league table is still difficult and we haven't done anything, but we always try to give our best in training and that is our vitamin. Then of course there are the opponents, the important thing is to always play and leave the field having given everything. I have seen the guys work very well, they have never abandoned the path of determination. We started with a complex schedule, now a small path has been mapped out, it's up to us to try to turn it into a road and maybe even a motorway”.

"When this team was built it was done by trying to have players who complement each other and not simply duplicate each other, then it's up to the lads to respond when called upon. For now they are doing so. Azzi? He's a player who can play on the whole flank, even on the right. Jankto is very ductile and intelligent, he's a disciplined soldier with a remarkable running ability. He is still not expressing his full potential, he will grow”.