This is how Claudio Ranieri analyzes the Rossoblù moment ahead of Florence, where the seventh day of Serie A will be staged on Monday night. These are his words: 

"I speak to all those who have Cagliari in their hearts: when I arrived last January I asked for help from everyone to reach our goal. And so it was: I had help from everyone and slowly we managed to crown the dream. Now we are last with 2 points: there are other teams who like us have not yet won and who last year had been the architects of an excellent championship; others who have so far collected more. Newly promoted teams every year suffer in the beginning, as happened also last season when, however, then Lecce and Monza recovered. There is time: I don't like defeatists, we must all push in the same direction. These guys give everything, they live and suffer to do well. Today we are paying perhaps even more than we expected. But we all have to be united, because Serie A is everyone's good. Surely we have to improve, not making certain mistakes that in this category you inexorably pay for. Victory is missing, but the fans need to know that we will not skimp on energy to stay in Serie A." 

"The performance with Milan left us with the knowledge that we played an excellent game seasoned by some fatal ingenuities. The 3-1 cut us off, but we never gave up and the fans appreciated the attitude. In both the first and second half we had done well by putting the game plan in place, waiting for them and then pressing high when there was a need to recover the result."

"It's normal to receive criticism when the result doesn't come, we go on our way, I know how much this team and these guys can give me. I see that the team fights, every practice is a spectacle. Then the game speaks, but I am eagerly waiting for the breakthrough to come."

"Fiorentina is a very good team, plays very well vertically and has players of great quality. The boys know that every game is an exam and they are analyzed by me. We will have to play compactly and respond blow by blow as they do, they will try to crash centrally, they know how to attack on the outside. We have to be careful. I am always pleased to return to Florence, as is obvious when you find a square where you have done well, but now I only think of Cagliari." 

"Pereiro has an over-the-top technique, he sees the goal, he has great soccer. I want him to challenge me with that grit and determination that I like. If I can motivate him and he can motivate himself, I don't close the door on anyone, everyone is useful. If I don't get him to play, he will have to be the one to let me know I'm doing it wrong." 

"I liked the defensive trio, sometimes we were a little too wide but we are working well. The defense gives me certainties however they must as soon as possible put in more 'craft', what is needed in Serie A. Radunovic will be a starter, Scuffet is fully fit but I continue to have confidence in Boris. Augello is coming into form, Azzi had some good games in his Serie A debut." 

"Luvumbo is a bit fatigued because in the last two games he ran so much, I will have to evaluate. I don't have Mancosu (slight elongation in his left thigh flexors) and Jankto (he is recovering from gastroenteritis) available yet. Makoumbou is having a remarkable start to the season, at the end of the game with Milan he was exhausted and asked me for a change. Sulemana is young, he is very good at recovering the ball and needs to improve in possession. Shomurodov? He is a second forward, I am satisfied with how he is training and how he is growing in games. He is returning to the one from Genoa, I am counting on him so much."