Thus Claudio Ranieri after the defeat in Bergamo. 

"We were a bit fearful especially at the beginning, we knew Atalanta would start like a steamroller with the values we know and they made a great first half like they did in the Europa League. It's a pity, because in the second half we came out and there were some good chances, maybe we deserved something more but let's move on. We knew we had to suffer in this Serie A, there is a big difference with the Serie B, we have to take a step forward in terms of speed of courage, thinking and execution, we still make too many mistakes".

"In the second half we took off that shyness and did something more. The doubling cut us off at the knees. Penalty on Luvumbo? I don't know if there was or not, Zito is very fast and on the occasions when there are episodes it is important that VAR evaluates the best, for sure the opponent doesn't touch the ball and Zito is touched".

"In Serie A we are the team that in these first days has reserved the most minutes for Under 21 players; we are even in the top 10 in Europe: considering the 5 main Leagues of reference Cagliari is 7th on par with Barcelona . We have to work every day to grow, improve and structure ourselves more and more. Cagliari runs a lot, sometimes still not at its best, we don't give up and happy times will come for us too because the boys know what to do and it was seen even today in the second half against a great team”. 

"Play those who are better, we will see who we can recover for Milan, we think about recovering physical and nervous energy first. There are the five changes that help and have completely changed the dynamics of soccer, the boys are working well, we have to move forward with confidence, without fear of making mistakes and doing what we prepare. We expected the start to be tough, the schedule is clear, we have 2 points and it could have been more but also less, now on to Milan who are very strong and want to be Italian champions again. It will be a good battle and we will play it, we need some optimism also from the episodes, that goal, the victory that can unlock you and give you more serenity".

"I ask the boys to fight and give everything, then if you lose you are calm for having left no stone unturned, and you can go home without worries. Today there is no need to be too negative, we were facing an Atalanta on the ball and very good, in the second half we tried but it was not enough. We know we have to suffer, we know the schedule and we work every day, one game at a time". 

"We have him out as well as other guys, we wait with confidence, certainly we can't wait too long to get up in the standings because Serie A doesn't wait for you, however, we have to have confidence in what we are doing. Gianluca is working hard, he is ahead on the schedule but we must not take risks once he returns to the group, it would not make sense to go into muscle trouble or various problems just to save a few weeks at this stage".