It's presentation time for the two latest arrivals in the Rossoblù household, Greek Pantelis Hatzidiakos and Polish Mateusz Wieteska. The two defenders met the media in the Unipol Domus press room, these are their words:

"There were several teams on me, but when I realized that Cagliari's interest was concrete I had no doubts. I already knew the team, even my compatriot and friend Lykogiannis had spoken very highly of the club's facilities, the environment, and its fans. The coach then has a career that speaks for itself: for me it is a great opportunity for growth," Hatzidiakos said.
For Wieteska: "I also already knew Cagliari, I had very positive feedbacks from from my friend Walukiewicz about the Club. I came to Sardinia with a great desire to improve myself, I am very happy."

"I am comfortable with the ball between my feet, I like to defend. At AZ Alkmaar we often played high, accepting one-on-one. I am someone who talks a lot with teammates and likes to organize the defense. I can play in all roles, whether on the right or left as well as in the center," Hatzidiakos said.
Wieteska emphasized, "We are two similar footballers: both of us are not afraid of one-on-one, we can defend both with the lower line and the higher center of gravity. For me, too, it doesn't make so much difference between a 3- or 4-man line of defense: I am at the coach's disposal, he will decide how to employ me."

"For the group he is like a second father," Hatzidiakos said. "Every day he greets us by shaking hands, he is someone who always looks you in the eye, he is honest. He gives us directions in both Italian and English."
For Wieteska: "From day one Coach Ranieri has been very helpful with me, I get on very well with him: he speaks very good English, but the goal for us now is to learn Italian right away."

For Hatzidiakos: "Serie A represents a step forward for my career. The soccer in Italy is fast, direct, physical; in Holland you do more possession. I knew this soccer from playing against it in Europe, I will adapt. Now we are working to prepare the best for the match against Atalanta." 
Wieteska concludes, "After playing two matches here I can already say that Serie A is difficult, there is a lot to defend, but I like that. Compared to Ligue 1 I see more quality."