Youth Sector 2023/24

Youth Sector 2023/24

Cagliari Calcio announces the managers and technical staffs of the men's division of the Youth Sector for the 2023/24 season. Confirmed as Head of Youth Sector Bernardo Mereu, with Pierluigi Carta Sporting and Organizational Director. Roberto Muzzi is the Primavera and U18’s Technical Coordinator. Oscar Erriu's work continues as Technical Coordinator of Under 16, Under 15, Under 14 and Under 13.

The Under 18 is led by Claudio Bellucci, with assistant coach Francesco Pisano. Fabio Prinzis (goalkeeper trainer) and Giuseppe Allegra (athletic trainer) complete the staff.

Riccardo Testoni sits on the bench of the Under 17 team. The assistant coach Federico Mezzorani and technical collaborator Luca Tradori are supporting him, with Giuseppe Nioi as goalkeeper trainer.

The Under 16 is trained by Stefano Medda, supported by Sebastiano Porcu as assistant coach and Luca Grussu as technical collaborator. The goalkeeper trainer is Andrea Vadilonga.

The Under 15 is under the orders of Federico Trudu, with Matteo Mancosu as assistant coach and Marco Melis as technical collaborator. Manuel Caria is the goalkeeper trainer.

The Under 14 is in the care of Davide Carrus. With him the assistant coach Mirco Tocchi and the athletic trainer Mattia Boi. 

The Under 13 trained by Francesco Atzeni with assistant Gabriele Porcu. 

Antonio Fais completes the staff of athletic trainers in the Youth Sector and will be dedicated to injury recovery.  

The health area, under the overall responsibility of Dr. Paolo Cugia, will consist of Carlo Piredda, Lorenzo Cozzolino, Eugenia Arbus, and physiotherapists Francesco Petruccioli, Andrea Soddu, Federico Neri, Leonardo Sergi, Marco Cabitza and Cristian Calianu. 

To all the staff of the Youth Sector, already at work, a warm good luck for the new season.