Thus Claudio Ranieri after the 0-0 against Udinese.

"I am satisfied first of all for the performance, where you have to start from. We didn't score the goal, which is the most important thing in the end. It was very hot, but that goes for both teams, good for us but also good for Radunovic to save everything in the final. We had included some debutants, we are growing, I am satisfied with a lot of things we saw today."

"It's an important point, but above all the performance counts. I wanted personality and the ability to read the game in the presence of a strong and organized Udinese. When you create opportunities in series and only miss the goal it means you are on the right track. Kudos to the boys, you also have to know how to be satisfied, because these matches you can also risk losing it at the end. When you fight on every ball, you have the right face, it means that the group has the right figure at the moral level before the technical tactical one."

"Today Prati did well, I would not have taken him off but he asked me for the change, good because he played with intelligence, two touches, in a pragmatic way of intelligent. We played with 352 which is a system of play that sometimes can help you but to make it continuity you have to work a lot, and today Udinese was testing you because Sottil prepares matches very well. Matteo is growing, in the week after the national team he did very good training and I couldn't keep him out, he responded great and he has to continue like that." 

"I don't like to tie myself to this or that tactical outfit, in football you have to know how to do everything and put the best resources on the field for this or that type of game. Today we chose this way, in other matches we will reason differently not only in view of how the opponent will be but also in view of how I can put them in difficulty. Our goal is salvation, it's the 40 points first and it won't be easy because Serie A puts you to the test."

"Yes, we will challenge very strong teams with great players. But we think one match at a time, every week we will reason about how we can score goals against anyone, without wrapping our heads around it, with great respect and realism, because we know how much there is to suffer and that we can lose more matches than we lost in the whole of last Serie B, as is obvious." 

"Lapadula is working a lot, he is extremely meticulous and so he is definitely ahead in his recovery path, for which time is needed. I am calm because he is working very well. Luvumbo is a diamond in the rough, for me he has great qualities and needs to grow, he has the ability to create havoc in the opponent and opportunities for us, as long as he learns to make the right choices. Radunovic? He is good, never had any doubts, he responded as a great goalkeeper and a great man, I knew he would show me that he has put the Bologna mistake behind him. Deiola? Alessandro feels the shirt more than anyone, as a Sardinian, he is a leader on and off the field, today he had many chances and unfortunately his goal did not come. I also liked how Shomurodov came in, Director Bonato and I had talked to him because we needed to give more, whoever plays in Cagliari has to spit blood and today we saw the right attitude from him. Hatzidiakos has fit in well, he has worked little with us, it is normal that he has to improve, however today he entered the field at his best, he will help us."