Match report and post match ๐Ÿ“‹๐ŸŽ™

Match report and post match ๐Ÿ“‹๐ŸŽ™

Goal-less draw in Cagliari for the Rossoblรน, who drew at home against Udinese at the end of a match dense with opportunities to win it without the decisive blow coming. Next Sunday at 3 p.m. they take on Atalanta in Bergamo.ย 

Without Petagna, Ranieri opts for Pavoletti along with Luvumbo in the 3-5-2 starting lineup, which sees Wieteska and Hatzidiakos (first appearence) in defense alongside Dossena. In the middle Deiola, Prati (first appearance), Makoumbou, with Zappa and Augello on the outside.ย 

Udinese does little, except for a foray in the 9th minute with Thauvin, but Hatzidiakos closes as a champion. The first half is red and blue, with Luvumbo being a constant thorn in the side. In the 12th minute Deiola sends off a header from few steps, the match lights up and is almost always played on Silvestri's side, although the two real chances come in the closing minutes: in the 42nd minute Luvumbo on a loose ball kicks well but the goalkeeper is alert at the first post, then Dossena in the 46th minute header from a corner sends high after doing everything right in terms of timing and impact. And in the 47th minute there is time again for Deiola, whose header sends high.ย 

The second half saw Ebosse out (he had entered late in the first half in place of Kabasele), as the minutes passed the coaches would make several substitutions, including Shomurodov for Pavoletti on the hour mark. In the 49th minute, Deiola's header sent just wide, then in the 67th minute he exchanged with Shomurodov and kicked with his left diagonally, the ball going out by a whisker. Udinese stung with a few sorties but Radunovic did not have to suffer much, although the quality and physicality of the Bianconeri were always insidious.ย 

Miraculous Radunovic in the 78th minute, when he closes the wall to Lucca, who savored the goal on the loose ball. Ranieri opts for Di Pardo, Nandez and Obert in place of Prati, Hatzidiakos and Zappa. So it comes to the 80th minute still with no goals, a result that will not change, although in the 95th minute comes a red card for Wieteska, who had been booked earlier.


After the match, two protagonists, Radunovic and Prati, spoke to the media.ย 

The Serbian goalkeeper spoke as follows:

"When I make mistakes I always look ahead, the important thing is to always improve. Our role is delicate, every little mistake is decisive, when we do well, on the other hand, everything seems taken for granted. The goalkeeper must be particularly strong mentally."๏ปฟย 

"Our coach is a legend, he helped me with his words after Bologna. He is important for everyone, not only in the locker room, also for the whole city and the whole Island."ย 

"A good game was seen, with a lot of energy. Playing at 12:30 in this heat is very complicated, we tried until the last. Too bad for the missed victory because we had so many chances, however, every point is important to reach salvation."ย 

"I congratulate Deiola, he played great, he only missed the goal. He created so many chances, I'm sorry he didn't score because he deserved it."


First appearance for Prati, these are his words after the match against Udinese:

"Today we only missed the goal: we did a good group performance, it will be the basis for the next challenges. It certainly wasn't easy to play in this heat, but it wasn't easy for anyone, so no alibis. What directions did the coach give me? He told me to play calmly, as I knew. From the first day we had a continuous dialogue, I was aware that I was behind in condition. I had to work to get up to speed, in the national team I was able to put minutes in my legs by playing two games in full, this helped me today."ย 

"When the opportunity arose I immediately decided to come to Cagliari, I never had any doubts. This was because of the history of the club, the city; the fans were immediately warm with me, they made me feel important. Certainly then in the choice played the fact that I could be coached by Claudio Ranieri, he is one of the best."

"I am overjoyed to be here. The teammates have welcomed me very well, from Pavoletti to the younger ones. In football the locker room is very important and we are really a good group, united. Also because of this we will do very well. For charisma and determination I really appreciate Nahitan Nandez: he is an example to follow when you take the field."ย ย 

"I chose number 16 first of all because of Daniele De Rossi, if I arrived here in Cagliari in Serie A I owe it also to him. I thank him, we have a beautiful relationship. Another reason that led me to choose this number is its importance within my family."