Tommaso Augello gave an interview to L'Unione Sarda touching various topics such as the league start with Cagliari and the relationship with Ranieri. Here is an excerpt of his words.

"Our impact with Serie A has not been easy, because we have faced strong teams, with two very difficult away matches, but the championship has just started and we will certainly not lack the support of our fans. In addition, a cohesive group has been created, there is everything here to do well and achieve our goal."

"I started playing in Serie D when I was 16 years old, mine has been a different path because I didn't come from the professional youth sectors but I formed myself, both as a man and as a footballer, directly facing older people. I've always been very ambitious, the goal was to get to Serie A, now it's important to stay there until the end of my career, growing and improving year after year."

"At Sampdoria he impressed us right away because he thought as the first thing to build the group, and then he transmitted to us his calmness and conviction that we could achieve salvation. Coach Ranieri is a real person, as is Cesare Albè, who at Giana Erminio was like a father, he made us understand the importance of the group, aiming to raise good boys not just good players. Both were among the two most important coaches of my career."

"I plan to get my degree. I'm enrolled at the University of Milan and I have five exams left to take, often with the work I do it's not easy but it's a goal also because my family has always cared about it by giving more importance to study than to football.” 

"It will be an important match, even though we are only on the fourth match day, but no alarmism. For sure, the 12:30 p.m. heat will be a factor not to be underestimated, but we will have the support of our fans on our side to try to reach our first win in Serie A. This week upon the return of the players engaged with their respective National teams, we will continue our preparation for the match."