Conti, Palomba and Zallu signed with Cagliari

Conti, Palomba and Zallu signed with Cagliari

Cagliari Calcio is pleased to announce the signing of the first professional contract of Bruno Conti, Luigi Palomba and Francesco Zallu: the three Under 19 players reached an agreement with the Club until 30 June 2025.

With Cagliari from the first kicks to the ball, Bruno Conti is a left-handed midfielder, 2002, often used as a pure playmaker: he is characterized by geometry, vision of the game and the ability to quickly verticalize. He has so far scored 51 appearances and 5 goals for the Under 19.

Originally from Padua, 2003, Cuban mother and Sardinian father, Palomba joined the U15 in 2017: a path that led him to establish himself in the U19 - so far 43 games and 4 goals - as one of the leaders of the defence. Last June he made his debut with the U18 Italian jersey; he is now part of the U19 group.

Francesco Zallu, born in 2003, from Castelsardo, started playing football in the Latte Dolce youth sector. After two seasons in the Alghero training center and subsequently with the Under 17 (12 games) he joined the Under 19 from the 2020-21 season. An explosive right-back, he has played 37 games with 1 goal with the red and blue jersey.

A new chapter in their career is now opening for everyone: congratulations guys, go on like this!