Supporting "BeAsOne"

Supporting "BeAsOne"

An agreement aimed at developing some key projects included in the #BeAsOne manifesto, the sustainability and social inclusion program of Cagliari Calcio. The agreement stipulated by Cagliari Calcio with the "Fondazione Carlo Enrico Giulini” and the “Fondazione di Sardegna” goes in this direction, aimed at building, promoting and strengthening opportunities at the service of the community through the integrated and coordinated action of three subjects which share philosophies and goals.

The initiatives will be: Tifo School - Curva Futura, for sports education, fairplay and healthy cheering, working with girls and boys from school up to the stands; Coppa Quartieri, for sport as an instrument of social integration; Casteddu4special, for the social integration of girls and boys with disabilities through participation in championships of the Divisione Calcio Paralimpico and Sperimentale of FIGC. Environmental education, relating to training, awareness and environmental education, carried out in collaboration with Legambiente and characterized by educational workshops and days of cleaning the area.

“Equality, inclusion, sustainability, are guiding principles that we must pursue in every moment of our activity - explains the president Tommaso Giulini - Having the experience and knowledge of “Fondazione di Sardegna” alongside makes us stronger and all the projects we have been carrying out for years, and that we have the ambition to improve to make them more effective in the territories and people who they need it most. We like the idea that together we can always do better, with the duty - as a reference sports club that operates at 360 degrees in the Sardinian land - to build something that can really affect the lives of others, to improve the world in which we live. It is essential not being alone on this journey, “Fondazione Carlo Enrico Giulini” and “Fondazione di Sardegna” are two crucial travel companions".

“Sport is a school of life. Be it individually or as a team, it teaches sacrifice, respect for others and working together for a common goal. These are teachings that turn into values ​​that are important for our society: integration, participation and equality -  said the President of Fondazione di Sardegna Antonello Cabras - Professional sports clubs care for their social role and Cagliari Calcio and “Fondazione Carlo Enrico Giulini” are among the most active and attentive in the national sporting, not only the one of the island. For this reason, as “Fondazione di Sardegna”, we have joined with conviction to the request for support for the BeAsOne project which involves numerous local boys and girls on important issues such as social integration, environmental education and sports culture".

Ilaria Nardi, President of “Fondazione Carlo Enrico Giulini” expressed satisfaction: "The complexity of the challenges that the current period imposes on us, on all levels and even more so on the theme of the social and healthy development of our communities, is an extremely" extraordinary" response. This is the spirit that led us to join with great enthusiasm the “BeAsOne” program, within which our foundation will make available its skills and all the experience gained in these years of concrete work in the area. 

We also are honored to collaborate with two figures such as Cagliari Calcio and “Fondazione di Sardegna” which we believe, in their specificity, to be two exceptional points of reference for Sardinia.

We are in fact convinced that a real true answer  can come from this kind of collaboration to to our civil society, with particular attention to fragile people of our society”.