U19, Cagliari 1-1 Inter

U19, Cagliari 1-1 Inter

Another fine performance for CagliariU19. The Rossoblù conquered one point against Inter at Asseminello. Both teams played well and the audience enjoyed the game, played at high rhytms and with lots of chances to score. In the end, it can be said that the result is right, even if Cagliari could have got the three points, provided they would have a bit of more luck and precision in the attempts to score.

One of the best players of Cagliari was Tramoni, who scored at 31’, exploiting a brilliant assist from Conti. The team led by Alessandro Agostini kept on attacking and created other chances to score, but the forwards did not have luck enough.

On the second half, Inter strongly reacted and the pressure on Cagliari defense rised. Good and brave were Palomba and Iovu to lead the defensive part. At 69’ however Fabbian scored the equalizer, re-bounding home a header from Satriano that had hit the bar.

Cagliari searched for second goal in the final minutes, but Del Pupo did not manage to capitalize two good chances.


“It was not a easy game for us, also because we lost the previous two games – said Agostini – We could also win and we would have deserved it too the way we played. We always have to give 100% also against adversaries which are not up to Inter, in paper. But I know the players learnt the lesson and want to work in order to eliminate these little defects”.

Cagliari (9 points so far) will be back on playing Saturday morning at Bologna.