Calling it a fundamental crossroads of the championship is perhaps too much, but surely Sunday's match against Sampdoria takes on a very important meaning for Cagliari. The Rossoblù are longing for their their first win of the season, the 3 points would be a robust injection of confidence, useful for chasing away the ghosts of tension that inevitably appear in the head and legs when the results do not arrive. However, Sampdoria is a tough opponent: after the reign of Ranieri they reopened a new cycle with D’Aversa on the bench.

Sometimes in football psychology is more important than a thousand tactical analyzes. Walter Mazzarri will have to do a good job on the minds of his boys: the technical quality is out of question, but the team is conditioned by bad thoughts. We saw it in the final minutes of the match against Venice. Rhythm and aggression will be basic prerogatives to overcome Sampdoria that has a formidable attack, which D'Aversa is slowly modeling according to his dictates.

The unknown factor is represented by the physical efficiency of the Uruguayan players, who come from overseas. Also the conditions Ceter and Walukiewicz have to be verified, while Ceppitelli is again available.

Damsgaard is in strong doubt. On the other hand, Gabbiadini recovered, a striker who scores quite easily.

Matteo Marchetti of Ostia Lido will referee the game: for him, first game of the season in Serie A and in a Cagliari match as well. The rest of the referee team: assistants Pietro Dei Giudici from Latina and Michele Grossi from Frosinone.

Fourth official Francesco Meraviglia of Pistoia. VAR: Gianluca Aureliano from Bologna and Manuel Volpi from Arezzo.

The balance of the Serie A matches between Cagliari and Sampdoria is clearly ahead of Cagliari: 70 games, 25 Rossoblù victories, 14 Dorians, 31 draws. The gap widens considering the home games: 19 wins for Cagliari, 4 for Sampdoria and 12 draws.

Sampdoria is Leonardo Pavoletti's favorite victim in Serie A: 5 goals scored by the bomber from Livorno to the Dorians, the same as Joao Pedro.

Alberto Grassi scored 1 of his 5 goals in Serie A against Sampdoria, in May 2018, when he played for Spal. Nahitan Nandez also scored against the Ligurians in November 2020: one of his 4 goals in the top flight.

Sampdoria have conceded at least 3 goals in all their last three games and only 2 times have they reached 4 games in a row with at least 3 goals conceded in Serie A, in 1949 and 1950.

The ex players of the match are Albin Ekdal, Keita Baldé and Nicola Murru, as well as the Rossoblù coach Walter Mazzarri.

It will be the fourth time for Walter Mazzarri and Roberto D’Aversa to be face to face. At the moment the calculation of the direct comparisons sees the Dorian coach ahead: two wins and a draw.

Cagliari-Sampdoria will be broadcast live co-exclusive on DAZN and Sky Sport.

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