Giulini: "A very important agreement"

Giulini: "A very important agreement"

A fundamental long-term agreement for today and even more important for the future. We are talking about the Cagliari Calcio stadiums, with the "Unipol Domus" which officially begins its history today and looking to the future. the ambitious project in the planning phase, which will rely on the precious support of the Unipol Group, leader in Italy and Europe in the insurance and financial sector. President Tommaso Giulini spoke about the the terms of the partnership in the meeting with the media along with the Group CEO of Unipol Gruppo S.p.A Carlo Cimbri.

“The Unipol Group is a top-level company. I thank Dr. Cimbri and all his collaborators who have worked in recent months- He is one of the leading exponents of the Italian financial center, for me it is a privilege being today at his side. We have a very high profile partner alongside us in a particular moment for everyone, we are happy to face this part of our history with the Unipol Group, working to build the new stadium. It will stay with us for at least the next ten years, it is a very important agreement. It is a great pleasure to welcome Unipol into our home. The name “Unipol Domus”? In Latin it recalls the concept of home that we have repeatedly evoked lately when talking about the place where we play, in Sardinian we know that "domus" is the plural of "houses", and today we speak precisely of our current home and the one of the future. In any case, I remember that the choice on this is totally up to the partner”.

"I like to think that it is a beautiful and not accidental coincidence: the Government of Sardinia approved on Thursday the publication of the urban variant in the BURAS, another important news that is very well linked to today's announcement, both as regards the current stadium and for what concerns our house of the future".

“The Council of Ministers has opened the possibility of opening the stadiums to 50% of capacity, but we all hope that this percentage can still increase. It is obviously a step forward but it can be not enough, because a lot will then depend on protocols and provisions, given that the distancing to be respected in the stands could actually reduce the number of the audience. It is also true that, given the trend of infections in recent days, today having too high demands from the world of football may be out of place. I would add, however, that our request is to open only to Green Pass holders. So, I don't see why there can't be 100% okay at that point”.

"In the last months we have taken important steps, I thank the various stakeholders for this, starting with Costim that is the industrial partner of Cagliari Calcio in this project, so in particular Cavalier Bosatelli, the lawyer Percassi, the engineer Gualini, all the companies that make up the Costim Group, which has made an important effort to cover with us the costs incurred to date. Another very important step forward, and for this I thank the President of the Sardinia Region Christian Solinas, is the regional contribution of about 30 million to build the new stadium without a shopping center, and which will be of an amount in line with the public contribution destined by Bologna for the restyling of the “Dall'Ara” stadium. So we can speed up the process. Just like in the case of Bologna, we also estimate our stadium to be a € 100 million opera. Another thanks goes to Sportium, who is proceeding swiftly with the design. We hope that it can be completed by 2021, certainly having a revenue line such as that guaranteed by Unipol in the Economic and Financial Plan is very significant. I also thank Andrea Abodi and Credito Sportivo, because he has been alongside us on this journey since 2015”.

“The dialogue with the Municipality of Cagliari and the Government of Sardinia has been constant and fruitful for months. Now the ball is in our feet to be played, after Cagliari Calcio has filed the final project there will be the Services Conference (maximum duration 6 months) and then the Municipality will have to call an international competition in which other constructors will probably participate. It will certainly take a few months, so I believe we will not talk about the demolition of the old Sant'Elia before the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. The administrative process, as always when it comes to public and international tenders, can be subject to delays, even if the “Law for the Stadiums” that we follow should protect us on the timing”.

“They are two cornerstones for the new stadium, on which we insist a lot with the designers and the constructor. A sustainable facility in all respects, therefore not only from a purely environmental point of view, with attention to all categories of fans and spectators as regards the view and life inside our home. And then the Sardinian identity, a stadium that represents us, the home of Cagliari, difficult to conquer for any type of opponent".