Back to the business, with the spirit and unity of intent expressed in the last part of last season, winning weapons for the permanence of Cagliari in Serie A, fixed points around which work to build the team for the next championship will be developped. Leonardo Semplici will try to insert new things on that basic identity: "I want to see an attacking team: I like an active team that tries to propose something good. It may not always be possible, but this is the starting idea".

"Last year when I arrived I found a particular situation, I just gave some indications, driven by the need to achieve a result. This time I start from the beginning of the season, I hope with my staff to be able to affect a little more. I know the environment and many players, that is surely an advantage; we will try to complete the squad in the transfer market. The players currently available have certain characteristics, it is up to me to enhance them. Beyond the tactics, we must work to build a mentality, our identity ”.

“I agreed to come here last season because I wanted to test myself in a team that had certain qualities. We had to save ourselves: it was a very difficult path, we succeeded because we found a great unity of intent. After the end of the season, I always thought I wanted to stay in Cagliari: the President is ambitious, the Director is competent, with this team we can take away some satisfactions and make our fans happy. I hope that from now on we can go back to normal and enjoy the advantages of having them by our side at the stadium”.

“His career speaks for him, but now what he will do counts, not his past. We signed him because we think he has the right characteristics, we needed an element of great experience and personality. We are all happy for his arrival, as he himself pointed out, we hope to be even happier at the end of the season”.

“Among the young people who are here with us, Cavuoti is a guy of perspective that I wanted to bring. I don't want to put pressure on him, but he has qualities. I am generally happy with all the players available: they showed up in retreat at their best, physically prepared, which makes us understand how much desire for revenge there is: those who have just returned from last season certainly want to do a completely different type of season”.