The Rossoblù president Tommaso Giulini did a press conference in the press room of the municipal field of Celledizzo. The eighth season at the helm of the Club is upon us: a lot of confidence and desire to improve the results of the last years, showing with the spirit of the final part of last season. “One cannot fail to consider it, in relation to the construction of the new team. Many players have shown great attachment to our colours, in a season that was going bad: they know what it means to play for Cagliari. We would like to include a few players, I think that the first part of last season is not very representative of the values ​​of this team which are high. Football is living a particular moment, there are few resources: we will try our best to set up a squad that will allow us to play a championship with less suffering".

“We are all very proud and satisfied to have him with us. We know his path: he won all the championships from Excellence up to Serie A, where he obtained three saves incredible and well deserved, two with Spal and one with us last year. His career speaks for him: we are confident and we start again from that spirit that he was able to instill in the players”.

"Kevin is a champion and he comes here very motivated, he was the first player to make me call on Teams: the conversation lasted one hour, he asked me about the team, the club, the coach, the sports center, the environment. A great professional who would like to finish his career here”.

“There are several young players here with us, I hope that everyone can follow the path followed by Carboni, who imposed himself as a starter in the most difficult moment of the season. The Primavera expressed several good players, it is vital for us to start over from our Academy”.

“His contract is quite heavy and in these twelve months the world has changed. Nobody expected to get to this situation, not to see the stadiums reopen in the last year, we are paying for the effects of the pandemic. In recent years we have always wanted to tell the truth without hiding: we are talking with Godin's entourage and I understand his disappointment, he is a bit of a victim of this situation. I'm sorry because in the last few games he also contributed in a decisive way to the permanence and we know of his family ties with Sardinia, but at the moment the situation has not yet been resolved and if you ask me how it will end I can hardly give an answer".

“The stadiums reopen almost 100% in the main European leagues, except in Italy. It seems absurd to me that at the moment we don't know if we will be able to sell tickets for next season. For me, anyone in possession of a vaccination passport should be able to enter the stadium: I say this both for the club and for the fans. The victory of the European Championship has rekindled the passion for football, many children will approach this sport. A reopening to only 25% of the capacity would not be right".

“Our main goal must be the permanence in Serie A. We have to go in continuity with what we did in the last few games of the last championship, aware of what a heritage it is to be in A. First we get salvation, then we can think about other goals eventually”.

"We have experienced everything in recent years: from relegation to the victory in Serie B, the crazy salvation of last year. Two years of crisis that have heavily marked the world: the one that just passed was a strange championship, we had to manage an emergency that I hope will end in 2022. I experienced emotions that I never thought I would: I am happy to be here, every day is a new experience. I am proud of this club which has grown in many areas over the years, I am proud to be in the 16 Italian Serie A cities. Never be satisfied anyway: continuing to dream of doing a little more is the fuel that leads to wanting to move forward" .