eSerieA TIM, Final Eight begins

eSerieA TIM, Final Eight begins

The great moment that opens the final rush towards the assignment of the first titles of the eSerieA TIM has finally arrived. A double path, on FIFA 21 and PES 2021, articulated in recent months with the events that have seen Cagliari Calcio eSports a great protagonist since the group stages.

The final act of the tournament - organized by Infront, PG Esports and Lega Serie A - will be played in the Infront studios in Milan on June 1th for PES 2021 and June 3th for FIFA21.

The Rossoblù team, due to the partnership with Exeed, will be supported in this adventure by the main sponsor Intesa Sanpaolo, a brand that makes its debut in the eSeriaA TIM. The bank joins Fluorsid and Adidas which also had a partnership with the Club in the previous stages of the competition.

After beating Lazio in the playoffs, Francesco "Obrun2002" Tagliafierro will keep on leading the team in the FIFA21 tournament, where he will face Fiorentina. The other two teams of the winner bracket, Udinese and Genoa, cross the path of Rossoblù and Viola, while on the other side Crotone-Inter and Milan-Benevento will play.

Giuseppe “Spagnols88” Spagnolello takes the field, he beat Atalanta and Roma in the playoff that opened the doors of this Final Eight. Both have been hard challenges, and strong pathos, at the end of which the rossoblù team managed to repeat the access to the final phase won on FIFA21. Cagliari Calcio eSports is awaited by Turin, the other challenge of the winner bracket is Fiorentina-Genoa, while Sassuolo-Juventus and Benevento-Bologna will play in the loser bracket.

Since the beginning of this journey, the unity of purpose and the strength of the collective have represented the real "plus" of Cagliari Calcio eSports. Things will not change in this Final Eight, with the two starting players flanked by the precious shoulders Daniele “Dagnolf96” Tealdi and Alessio “Alexiov90” Scarlata and the drafted players Diego “Pangrattato” Antonelli and Alessandro “Ale87_Ita” Ardito. Also "RiberaRibell" and "Hollywood285" were there, as creators and with a vital function of  for the team that is looking for the great result at its debut in the event. Also because to them Cagliari Calcio will guarantee full coverage before, during and after the event on the channels dedicated to Cagliari eSports, to experience the great show of the TIM eSerie, whose YouTube and Twitch channels will be the ones together with the fans and enthusiasts. where all matches will be broadcast live.