The Rossoblù sports director Stefano Capozucca spoke at the press conference. Before answering the questions from the media, Capozucca focused on the emotions given by the permanence in Serie A achieved with an exciting comeback: "The joy I felt reminded me what I experienced on the night of the promotion in Bari. I always believed in it: I thank the president Giulini for giving me the opportunity to come back and share this joy with him. He suffered a lot, as did all the employees of the Club: we all saw darkness, which then became sun. I want to send an affectionate greeting to all the fans, to those who stopped me on the street and asked me if we would be saved. Cagliari deserves respect, the President also deserves it for all the sacrifices he made, a wonderful people like the Sardinians deserve it. Here the football team is something different than elsewhere: even those who do not follow football so much are proud that Cagliari are in Serie A. Even the players must understand how important the sense of belonging to the territory is, both those in the squad of this year that those who will arrive".

“With Semplici I have always had an excellent relationship also from a human point of view, we have helped each other since the first day. We met at the end of the season, we made our analysis by comparing ourselves with the President and here we are".

“We have seen the abyss, the President no longer wants to repeat this experience. We will try to do everything possible: of course Cagliari have invested a lot in the recent past, but due to the pandemic they have had to face big losses. A downsizing is necessary, we may also have to do some painful operations on the way out, but that doesn't mean we won't set up a competitive team. In my head there is a less numerous and younger roster, keeping the most important players back".

“I pass on my ideas to those closest to me, such as Andrea Cossu, Daniele Conti and Pierluigi Carta: for me they are very important collaborators. My intention is to have an even more competitive Primavera, because Cagliari must live off these young players and have the opportunity to field them every season, as happened this year with Carboni”.