It had to be a dramatic head to head for the permanence, it will be just a classical “end of the season” game, instead. But that does not mean that it will be boring: in fact, finally Cagliari will play with a softened heart and soul, trying to have fun: but also aiming to win. 

All the players of the roster are available for Leonardo Semplici. Also Pereiro is back. Cagliari achieved 15 points in the last 7 games.

Genoa achieved the permanence in Serie A at Bologna; yet, the team is not in holiday, see how last week they had been a tough nut to crack for Atalanta. The former Cagliari coach Ballardini left home o Scamacca and Biraschi only. 

As both teams got no particular goals to achive, it will be probably a fine game to be played, with any particular tactics. So, the strikers could be have fun: Joao Pedro, Pavoletti, Cerri and Simeone for Cagliari; Destro, Pandev and Shomurodov for Genoa.

The game will be refereed by Francesco Meraviglia from Pistoia.

Linesmen will be Luca Mondin from Treviso and Antonio Vono from Soverato.

Fourth official: Antonio Giua from Olbia.

VAR: Fabio Maresca from Napoli e Damiano Di Iorio from Vico.

44th match in Serie A between Cagliari and Genoa: Sardinians lead with 15 wins, 14 for Genoa and 12 draws. Cagliari have won six of their last eight Serie A home games against Genoa, which are the more beaten team by Cagliari from 2011-12 season to today.

The last two matches between Cagliari and Genoa both ended 1-0 in favour of Genoa: they have never achieved three consecutive Serie A wins against the Sardinians. The only draw without goals between Cagliari and Genoa in Serie A dates back to January 1994. The match with the most goals, however, dates back to March 2010: 5-3 in favour of Genoa.

Cagliari have always scored in their last eight games against Genoa played in Sardinia.

Cagliari also won the last two home matches with Genoa; only once did he do better in Serie A against Genoa, three consecutive home victories between January 2012 and December 2013.