Match Report: Cagliari 3-2 Roma

Match Report: Cagliari 3-2 Roma

Cagliari does not stop anymore: it wins its first game in a row and reaches 31 points. This time the victory has been Roma, beaten 3-2 at Sardegna Arena in a thrilling game. The Rossoblù were good not to be stunned by the ball around of Roma, and obstructed the passing lines.

Lykogiannis opened the score at 4', after a great run by Nandez, who crossed the ball and a backeel from Joao Pedro: easy the shoot of the Greek left back.

Roma equalized at 27' with Carles Perez, whose first shoot hit the post, but the Spanish midfielder was able to score on the rebound.

Cagliari began well the second half and Marin scored the second goal with a powerful shoot outfield. Then Joao Pedro headed home the ball on a corner switched by Marin. Roma scored again with a header from Fazio and attacked til the end but Cagliari's defense was magnificent and kept the score til the end.