Cagliari Calcio at the Social Football Summit 2020

Cagliari Calcio at the Social Football Summit 2020

Cagliari Calcio took part in the fourth edition of the Social Football Summit, an international event on digital marketing in football, which developped in three days that embraced multiple issues concerning the exploration of news markets, economic and organizational systems in this current historical moment, the assets of the football industry, the stadiums of the future, the management of brands of commercial partnerships.

Claudia Balu (Club’s Business Development Manager) took part in the “Ready to join Asia?” panel, which focused on development projects related 360-degree football in the Far East, together with Borussia Dortmund and Valencia. Cagliari Calcio built a solid and strong relationship in China: a year ago they a collaboration with the city of Xiapu, in the Fujian province, was launched, for the sharing of organizational and work models related to technicians and younger athletes, in a partnership what concerns the economic, social and cultural aspects.

Then the health support in the midst of the emergency due to Covid-19 and the memorandum of understanding signed between Cagliari Calcio and the Chinese authorities followed last September.

“The Asian and Chinese market has been growing up for several years, now the analysis has led us to evaluate the opportunities provided by that market in the region, characterized by very interesting numbers such as 31% of the Chinese population following Italian football, according to the statistics of Serie A which was the first European league broadcast live in China back in 1989 on CCTV 5, the main national sports channel. Another important fact is that today about 70% of the Chinese fans support at least one European team, often more than one”,

“Referring to all this, Cagliari has embarked on an ambitious and exciting journey, with the aim of sharing and promoting its football philosophy especially in those parts of China, where European Football has not yet arrived. The main mission is to become an accelerator for the growth of football in all respects, thus obtaining a big and positive impact within the communities of young players due to high-level programs and projects that go beyond the purely football side, becoming and bridge and a catalyst between our reality and the Chinese one”.

“The link with China, the Fujian Region and Xiapu goes far beyond football, it has the support the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese Chamber of International Commerce.

Economic, commercial and tourist exchange represent the union of these two territories; Cagliari Calcio has been the protagonist of an important process of promotion and craftmanship and tourism through the multi-year partnership with the Sardinia region. These projects, with the vital presence of the protagonists and rossoblù symbols and many other-wide ranging iniaititives breath, they allow us to tell our story and the relationship with our people of fans show all over the world. Our eyes always turn to the future and to new scenarios, most of all in the Asian market”.